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Product Name:500WH 500W Potable Power Bank
Product Specification:
Product Name:BVS-PS04808SA
Power Bank Battery Capacity:500WH
Commercial Electricity Charging Input Voltage:AC120/AC230V
Inverter Output Voltage: Pure Sine Wave  AC220V/AC110V
Output Frequency:50/60HZ
Continous Output Power:500W

Products Features:
1. The portable power station use the commercial electricity to charge its battery pack. When in use,the energy in battery pack will be output in alternating current. 
2. Pure sine wave output, high power factor, extreamly strong load capacity, wide application scope;
3. Safe Big Energy Storage:Energy Sorage LiFeO4 Battery,can store up 500WH electricity energy, can power the refrigerator, laptop, LCD TV upto 2 hours in one time.
4. Perfect protections make the product very reliable (Overload protection,Overheat protection,Output short circuit protection,Input undervoltage   protection,Input overvoltage etc.)
5. Built-in charger and can charge the power station with commercial electricity.
6. Low working noise, high energy transfer efficiency.
7. Strong compressive strength with metal case. Stable performance with inner inteligent circuit control.

Applicable Scope:
1. Office Equipment: Computer,Telephone, Printer, Monitor, Copycat,Fax Machine,Kneader,Projector;
2. Domestic Appliance: TV, Radio, Home Theater,DVD, Electric Fan,Microwave Oven,Light,Refrigerator;
3. Outdoor Operation: Outdoor Lighting, Electric Work, Vehicle Rescue, Emergency Rescue and Disaster Relief, Business Promotion;
4. Entertainment: Smart phones,Tablet Computer,Digital Camera, PDA,Battery Charger and GPS Satellite Navigation etc. 
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